Episode 28

#28 Priorities and Solutions with Jason Shurka

This is such a special interview - up close & personal with Jason Shurka

We discuss how to create collective change, so join us in this discussion on how we are going to change the world!

Episode Guest:

JASON SHUKRA is an Author, Producer, Truth Seeker.

Founder of UNIFYD World organization. Dedicated to uniting humanity through awareness, compassion & Love.

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Key Moments:

  • [00:00] - Coming up
  • [03:28] - Meet my guest: Jason Shurka 
  • [04:29] - Connection
  • [07:15] - Balancing problems and solutions
  • [10:02] - Reshaping your mindset and perspective
  • [12:08] - Tapping into our DNA
  • [21:26] - What’s Jason up to now?
  • [18:15] - What is UNIFYD TV
  • [21:25] - Jason’s vision for the next year
  • [23:59] - Book onto Jason’s UNIFYD Healing tour
  • [25:59] - The path to healing
  • [30:05] - “What does God mean to you?”
  • [31:25] - Embodying universal laws
  • [36:48] - Letting go
  • [38:45] - Final words

Key Takeaways:

  • Everything is connected to everything in one way or another - all pieces connect to make a whole. If you impact one thing, it will always impact another. 
  • By being part of a ‘resistance’ you actually harm the cause. The best thing to do is to make daily changes and encourage others to do the same. 
  • Making conscious buying decisions and daily actions will be the best way to see change. 
  • If you’re not sure how to do external work, start with the internal work and it will reflect externally (and vice versa!) For example, if your brain is cluttered, go tidy your room!
  • Letting go isn’t always a loss. You often gain something somewhere else. 
  • How can you work on a solution if you don’t look at the problem in a productive way? 
  • Problems are our greatest opportunities to grow. 


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