Episode 40

#40 Breaking Free From Scientology | with Claire Headley

I am excited to be joined by Claire Headley, who shares her story of how she escaped from Scientology after 30 years in the organisation. She talks about the abuse she suffered, the mind control techniques she was subjected to, and the challenges she faced in rebuilding her life after leaving.

Claire is a powerful advocate for survivors of Scientology and other cults. In 2023, Claire testified as an Expert Witness on Scientology in the Danny Masterson trial. Claire currently serves as President of The Aftermath Foundation which provides resources and support for those who have escaped from cults.

This interview is a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn more about the dangers of Scientology and the importance of speaking out against abuse. In addition, there is so much we can all learn from how cults coerce and recruit, about the mind control/brainwashing we are all subjected to - from our political, educational, medical, and financial systems, as well as mainstream media and the entertainment industry to name but a few!

Episode Guest:

Claire Headley was born and raised in Scientology and spent 30 years in the organisation. 

She served as a high-ranking executive at the church’s International base before escaping shortly after her husband, Marc. 

In 2023, Claire testified as an Expert Witness on Scientology in the Danny Masterson trial. Claire currently serves as President of The Aftermath Foundation.

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